23 Oct to 14 Nov 2021

12 Mar to 03 Apr 2022

3 weeks from Genua Italy ferryboat and

back to Genua Italy

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  • Guide Markus Linse                      guiding in english and german
  • supported by a Touareg guide in Algeria
  • ferry Genua Tunis and back                   in a 2 bed window cabin with 1 vehicle 5m length by  2,3m height, different messurement possible by higher prices France - Tunis ferry possible
  • dinner with the whole group on the ferry boat at the a la carde restaurant
  • 6 nights in hotels with breakfast
  • camping fees
  • entrance fees
  • fully equipped guide 4x4 vehicle
  • technical assistance
  • info meeting 3 months in advance

Not included

  • fuel or diesel
  • restaurant meals and your own food
  • any drinks
  • any insurances
  • VISA fees
  • road toll

Participants must have

  • passport (valid for at least 1 year)
  • international driving license
  • vehicle registration
  • if you are not the registered owner on the vehicle registration, you will need to carry an official paper which allows you to travel with it. Please ask your automobile club for paperwork
  • an international valid insurance slip, called green card in Germany, signed valid for Tunisia                                      you can get an insurance on the border to Tunisia if nec., for Algeria you will have to get one at the algerian border
  • Automobile Club insurance that enables a backtransport of your vehicle from mediterainian sea countries               (for example ADAC, ÖAMTC, TCS...)
  • international health insurance with the option to fly back into your home country if needed
  • insurace if you cancel the trip for health or personal reason         Reiserücktrittversicherung, available in Germany

Vehicle Specifications

  • robust, well equipped 4x4 vehicle in good technical condition                         ask for an equipment list, your vehicle has to be workshop proofed with aproofed paperwork by your workshop
  • full 4x4 recovery equipment                sand ladders, shovel, kinetic recovery rope, practical air compressor for typical 4x4 tyre sizes that still works under harsh conditions, ...
  • typical spareparts for your vehicle         (feel free to ask for a list)
  • carrying fuel for a range of 1,000 ks under offroad conditions (roundabout 200 liters)
  • drinking water and water for normal use for at least 6 days
  • food for at least 14 days                   (you will be able to stock up food, fresh fruits, salad, vegetables... on our way)
  • camping equipment
  • ... alltogether nothing that would not belong into a well equipped expedition vehicle.     



  • 5.990 € per vehicle with 2 persons          in a standart 4x4                            incl. ferry shippment Genua to Tunis and back incl. all options mentioned above        incl. 6 hotel stays                          incl. obligated algerian touareg guide       Oversize vehicle quotatoin depends on what the shipper is quoting for more than 5 meters in lenght and more than 2.3 meters in vehicle heights
  • Included is an algerian guide vehicle, with a touareg guide which is an obligation to travel in this country
  • Single driver bookings, plus 250 €         plus extra costs for the single room on the ferry, if needed. This depends on the shippers quotation, if possible and necessary. No guarantee if someone could stay alone in a double outside cabin. I try to book if you like. You can share a two bed cabin anyhow.


Minimum participant vehicles 3

Maximum participant vehicles 4

Travel guarantee with two participating vehicles

  • 1.250 € per vehicle                        this might be an option, if the minimum of 3 participants cannot be reached before the start of the trip. Or if you like to book exclusive for a small group of 2 vehicles. Feel free to ask.

Algeria The South - Country of the Touareg

I had the oppurtunity to travel into this outstanding part of the world a few times already. With its wonderful big sand seas - called ergs - and the black colored mountains of the Tassili`n Ajjer.

Rock paintings and carvings in an outstanding quality. Centuries by centuries before our time, carved and painted in solid rock.

This trip is not just a 4x4 adventure. We will walk in the mountains and visit places you only can reach by foot. A hike to the Assekrem with ist nearby heights of 2,800 m and the christian padres who live up there in a monastery will as well be a wonderful part as the Touareg village Djanet in the south of the country as well as Tamanrasset. There will be trekks by foot and outstanding dune crossings 4x4 in a mixture. Enough offroad adventure guaranteed. Nearly 25 years of experience around the globe will let you have an outstanding adventure.

We will have nights under the stars and every now and than in a hotel along our way. The culture and people living there is what we visit in their country. Together with this outstanding landscape, it will be an adventure you might remember your entire life.


This could be the opportunity to travel together with a trusted touareg travel agency I know since a long time. Working in South Algeria and the Niger. They will accompany us during our expedition in Algeria. This is a need if one wants to travel in this northern african country. You like to be part of this expedition? Please feel free to contact me via email anytime.