West Africa


13 Dec 2021 to 27 Jan 2022

45 days from Genua Italy ferry harbour

to Dakkar in Senegal

Deutsche Version



  • guided by Markus Linse

    in english and german

  • 6 nights in hotels with breakfast
  • camping fees
  • entrance fees
  • fully equipped guide 4x4 vehicle
  • technical assistance
  • info meeting 3 months in advance

Not included

  • Ferry transfer from Europe to Africa and back
  • fuel
  • restaurant meals and your own food
  • any drinks
  • any insurances
  • VISA fees
  • road toll
  • shipping the vehicle via container from Dakkar to any destination you might like. A helping hand is offered to organize shipping in Dakkar. The shipping can be organized upfront by a company here in Germany. Feel free to ask for details.

Participants must have

  • passport                               validity for a minimum of 1 year and a minimum of 7 free pages in the passport
  • international driving license
  • vehicle registration                         if you are not the registered owner on the vehicle registration, you will need to carry an official paper which allows you to travel with it        please ask your automobile club for the paperwork
  • an international valid insurance slip, called green card in Germany, signed valid for Morocco                               you can get an insurance on the border to Morocco if nec., for Westafrica we will all get one at the border into Mauretania
  • CARNET de passage en Douane for the vehicle please ask your automobile club or the ADAC in Germany for it
  • Automobile Club insurance that enables a backtransport of your vehicle from mediterainian sea countries                (for example ADAC, ÖAMTC, TCS...)
  • international health insurance with the option to fly back into your home country if necessary
  • yellow feaver vaccination
  • insurace if you cancel the trip for health or personal reason   (Reiserücktrittversicherung, available in Germany)

Vehicle Specifications

  • robust well equipped 4x4 vehicle in good technical condition                       ask for details, your vehicle has to be workshop proofed by aproofed paperwork by the workshop
  • full 4x4 recovery equipment              sand ladders, shovel, kinetic recovery rope, practical air compressor for typical 4x4 tyre sizes that still works under harsh conditions, ...
  • typical spareparts for your vehicle (feel free to ask for a list)
  • carrying fuel for a range of 1,000 ks under offroad conditions (roundabout 200 liters)
  • drinking water and water for normal use for at least 6 days
  • food for at least 14 days                 you will be able to stock up food, fresh fruits, salad, vegetables... on our way
  • camping equipment
  • ... alltogether nothing that would not belong into a well equipped expedition vehicle.     



  • 6.990 € per vehicle with 2 persons in a standart 4x4

Minimum participant vehicles 3

Maximum participant vehicles 4

Travel guarantee with two participating vehicles

  • 1.950 € per vehicle                       this might be an option if the minimum of participants cannot be reached 30 days before the start, that could make the expedition possible on a smaller number of participants. If you like to travel in a smaller group, this is an option as well


Why going on a ferry from Genua?

Because the total amount in travelling overland from South Germany to Spain is the same. But, the stress is less. Two days through half Europe, before the holiday starts. Another point might be, all travellers meet on the boat and can have a decent look at each other.


Pictures taken during an expedition

into the Libyan Egypt border region


Marocco - Mauretania - Senegal

This expedition will start midth of December 2021 in Genua (for travellers from the UK its possible to start in Marseille or Barcelona, what ever suits you best. You can travel to Tanger in Morocco on your own as well.) The total time frame will be 7 weeks to Dakkar in the Senegal. 

We start our trip on beautiful offroad tracks through Morocco. Relaxed during the time after the main season of travelling in this country.

At this time of the year, we just cross the high Atlas mountains on a short cut. Our expedition will lead through the wadis and valleys and palm oasis east of the Atlas down south.

As long as we travel in the north of the Maghreb, we still have all the infrastructure you might think of and that has been grown through the centuries by jewish, arabian and maghrebinian merchants and business people. They tradet anything one could think of between the more central and south african countries, the Maghreb and the Occident. They created the beauty of this country, that might have arrived directly out of a fairy tale like 1001 night.

Overnight stays in a Kasbah and a Riad makes the journey comfortable. Next to our stays camping out in the bush, every now and than a warm shower and a comfy bed are more than welcome.

After a bit more than a  week on the road, we will leave the north of Morocco direction West Sahara near the Erg Chigaga. Time for shopping and organizing needful things and equipment before heading down south. Via more offroad tracks and a bit of sealed road, we will reach Mauretania.


After crossing the border, we will travel along the coastline the Atlantic on one side, the dunes on the other side. And finally reach the "Banc D´Arguin" national park. It is one of the main resorts for migratory birds. Hopefully this time of the year there will be lots of them. Next to wolves, fenneks, games and a diversity of feral cats there should be hyenas as well.

A real african national park with lots of wildlife and bird watching possibilities.

After two third of the track along the atlantic ocean, we will leave direction east. Here, the tracks are seldom used, remote and we reach Sahara at ist best. The ergs are not known very well by travellers and they will lead us into more rocky areas and passes that are pure offroad and expedition feeling. We might have to fix some roads here direction Atar and Chinguetti. World heritage and holy place of the islamic culture.

Ancient sites will wait for us.

Via the oasis route, we will continue our expeidition to reach the so called eye of the desert, the Guelb er Richat.

Going on from here direction south again, Atar and Tidjikia will be on our way, beside the beaten track we will keep on travelling.

The ancient village Ksar el Barka, at its time an important base for the carawanes along their routes.

The not so far from there desert crocodile population im Mauretania, will be another outstanding and once in a lifetimee visit.


At least, the road between Nouakchott and Aleg will lead us back into civilisation after this trip. We will reach the senegalese border and with it the Sahelzone and the border to the so called black Africa region.

Senegal will welcome us back out of the bushlive we had during several weeks. The flair is already more central Africa.

We will have around 10 days, before our vehicles will go back via container to Europe. Some of us might  keep on travelling. It all depends.

Two more nights in a hotel are included to get things organized and finished. Our expedition will end here.